Royal Marsden Hospital NHS Trust

The Markus Unit

Royal Marsden

A brand new in-patient rehabilitation unit created within an existing turn of the century building at the Chelsea Hospital of the RMH.

Patients in the final stage of treatment for various forms of cancer will receive a wide range of treatments to prepare them to return to normal life.

Marcus UnitTreatments will include the normal range of rehabilitation procedures such as physiotherapy and speech therapy alongside alternative therapies such as massage and aromatherapy, acupuncture etc.

The Unit is not an acute nursing facility and has been designed to place patients in a very informal and relaxed environment. The style of the unit is like a small hotel or private club, where patients can socialise in a relaxed therapeutic environment.

The existing ‘cubicalised’ and institutional building was literally taken apart and virtually all internal walls removed. The rear of the building was totally removed and a two storey conservatory added.

The entrance floor of the unit mainly comprises an open plan lounge with reception and therapy areas immediately adjacent. Catering for patients is cafeteria style and is private to the unit. A small higher dependency bedroom suite is located close to reception.

Patients rise, by way of their own private staircase to the bedroom floor above. All bedrooms are single rooms with full en-suite facilities.

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