The London Clinic

120 Harley Street

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During the design development of 116 Harley Street 120 Harley Street was added to the total development. This Grade II building dating from the late eighteenth century involved extensive negotiations with Westminster's Conservation Officers. Agreement was finally reached to proceed in the following manner.

  1. Retention and full refurbishment of the original Listed Building including restoration of extensive historic detailing - to accommodate main reception facilities and six consulting suites.
  2. Demolition of later buildings to the rear of the site to be replaced by a two-storey structure with glazed barrel vaulted roof. This structure contains a new therapy gym, phlebotomy rooms and administration accommodation.
  3. Listed Building constraints made it impossible to insert a lift into the historic building and so a new lift was constructed on the other side of the party wall hidden from sight by automatic jib doors.

On this project Floyd Slaski LLP was lead consultant managing a large team of complementary professionals.

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